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Christmastime n : period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6 [syn: Christmas, Christmastide, Yule, Yuletide, Noel]

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  1. The Christmas season; yuletide

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Christmastide (also Christmas or the Christmas season) is one of the seasons of the liturgical year of most Christian churches. It tends to be defined (with slight variations) as the period from Christmas Day to the evening of 5 January, the day before the start of the octave of Epiphany. This period is also commonly known as the Twelve Days of Christmas, as referred to in the Christmas carol of the same name, or Yuletide, as in "Deck the Halls". During the season various festivities are traditionally enjoyed and buildings decorated. In some countries, by superstition it is bad luck to leave the decorations up after Twelfth Night.


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